Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Joy, Peace and Faith in my life..........

I have always said that my children each represented something different to my life and that each of them filled in the missing gap in a certain area of my life.

See this face? He is the Joy in my life. Having him made me feel like my life's purpose had been fulfilled. Any and all hindrances I had with God were erased in that single moment when he was born. He has always been a pretty easy going kid and a mama's boy. He never asked for a ton growing up and always made me feel like I was doing a really good job at this whole mothering thing. He makes me laugh every single day. He has a natural sense of humor and the next comedic monologue always seems to be on the tip of his tongue. He lights up my life. He's good and kind and really wants to live his life in a way that makes other people's lives better...I'm really blessed that I'm his mom....when I'm feeling blue he can turn it all around just with his quick wit and upbeat energy.

Next came my Logi....the Peace in my life. I knew Logan was a boy all along....and I knew that he was going to be a gentle soul. My pregnancy was a walk in the park compared to Colby and that calmness seemed to carry on after he was born. He was just easy...never demanding...just content. He is very smart and very logical in his thoughts and actions which often gets him into trouble but at the end of the day he is the one who can sit with me and bring me to a calm place. Though he doesn't easily show his emotions he is much more of an emotional person than the other two. His feelings get easily hurt at raised voices and he doesn't do well at confrontation....him and I are just the same in those areas. He has a sense of humor that is truly only for really smart people because they are jokes that require thought to get the punchline. Logan is the one though at the end of the day, if my world has been too overwhelming, feels most like a massage for my soul.

Rounding out the group came my girl Mara....the faith in my life. This child would be an answered prayer for me on so many levels. Because she was a girl...she was the one who marked the milestones in my own life. Marking those moments in time came with a lot of pain along the way because my life became so clear to me when I was seeing it through her eyes. She is the one that I want to hold close to me and keep with me forever and protect and save from anything bad happening to her. But she is also the one that brought faith to me that things can come full circle. In so many ways watching her grow up and change has been like therapy for work on my own weaknesses and heal pains that I have carried far too long...I guess I do live a little bit through her....she makes me smile in the knowing that I am doing right by her...she will not walk my same road....not to say that she won't be laying on a Shrinks couch one day griping about how I wrecked her life or scarred her....who knows...I'll pay that bill when it comes I guess.

Watching my kids and seeing them interact with each other and with us, I'm amazed....they really are great kids...sure they duke it out pretty good sometimes but at the end of the day they still love each other. For me, being their mom has encouraged me to see my own value and purpose. I know that I'm valuable all my own but they show me every day that I'm doing okay and who doesn't need a little bit of that kind of encouragement.

Thank God for the Joy that makes my heart smile....the Peace that brings serenity to my soul....and the Faith that renews my spirit with the hope that all things can eventually heal.

Hope you are all super blessed moving into December.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Best part of Bananas, Strawberries and Cream Puffs

Ya know what the best part of Bananas, Mini marshmallows,Strawberries,Apples and Cream Puffs is?? Mmmmmmm the chocolate that you can dip them in! I do, I do, I do love chocolate. But when you can find fun ways to eat chocolate it just makes it that much better! I made the kids a quick supper tonight after a day of running around and I was looking in my pantry trying to think of something fun for dessert....then I found the perfect thing.

I grabbed fruit from the fridge, creampuffs from the freezer, mini marshmallows from the pantry and assembled them on a platter...then came....ahhhh....perfection....

Last year I picked up this Little Dipper from Walmart for 7 or 8 dollars and it is perfect for melting dipping I plugged it in and threw in the chocolate...and waited. It takes next to no time and I called the kids down for their impromptu fondue....Uhhmmm notice what I just did back there <-----------made a cutsy little rhyme. They were thrilled. Kids love it when we do things that make it seem like it's a special occasion even when it isn't or when we make them feel super important at the end of a really busy day. Plus I know it makes them waaaaay love me because they think I worked so hard at it even though I didn't.

I always think that it's stuff like this that they will do someday with their own kids...those little moments that made the day seem a little bigger. Hopefully the boys don't end up with a crappy wife or they will be really disappointed when they realize that I actually was Betty Crocker.

P.S. A certain little girl having a sleep over was very quick to announce that she will definitely be having a fondue at her next birthday...Mara looked at her in shock and disbelief when she said that she had never had one before...I turned my head and's sad...I know....too bad we can't all be a Betty.

Anyways Happy Friday all and make sure you do one little something this weekend that makes your kids feel Xtra special!

Quicky Disclaimer: Chocolate should be a sweet addition to fruit on occasion but one should still frequently eat fruits without any accompanying items such as chocolate....blah blah blah!