Monday, February 22, 2010

Just waitin on the Rainbow......

I remember years ago....actually what feels like a lifetime ago going through a hurtful break up and though my emotions spun wildly out control I still kept telling myself...this will pass because after the rain, there is always the rainbow. It sounds like such a cliche little phrase but there were days when I needed that to be my mantra in order to limp me through.

And now it seems here I am all these years later....and I'm walking in the rain....a torrential downpour actually....but I'll keep moving forward because I know what's coming.

The details of what exactly is raining down in my shit storm (sorry grandma for saying shit....twice)is irrelevant to anyone else and I am certain in comparison to things that other people go through that what I deem a downpour others would deem similar to a springtime rain.

I can't use this place as a word vomit holding tank or a therapy session....but I want to encourage anyone out there that is going through hard stuff right now to keep your chin up and your eyes on the sky....the rain will cease, the clouds will part and there in all it's perfection will be God's most visual creation of what comes after the storm.

In addition I just want to say that everyone has friends who sometimes drive them crazy and sometimes you want to shake them but most of the time you sit so blessed to have them in your life.....that person....that one person who is your safe place when you feel like you're falling apart, that person who peels you off her floor and offers you a place to just sit and be and breathe...who holds no judgment and offers only gentle advice but who mostly just listens...who cries with you while you feel like you are breaking but never makes you feel weak....who knows you almost better than anyone and whose heart feels the fracture that comes in knowing that your heart is breaking....and that one person who after 7 hours knows you well enough to know that the only thing you need to hear on the way out the door is....Tomorrow is a New Day...and for her....I am so thankful.

Quicky Disclaimer: No one is Dying, getting divorced or running away from home.