Monday, May 24, 2010

The Best Kind of People

I have to say that this weekend was probably the most fun that I have had in months. It was three days of stepping away from what feels like never ending chaos in my life to just be me and there was huge freedom in that. This weekend also gave me a little bit of renewed faith in people. Sometimes it feels like you spend so much time walking through life and interacting with people who are never really showing you their true character. People who are glossing their real person over with someone fake and external for show or approval...but occasionally...rarely these days it seems you come across people who just are who they are...and I love that. They don't sit in judgment of you or eye you up and down picking you apart in their minds and cataloging all of your flaws...they just welcome you in. This weekend I met people like that. The group of them have been life long friends, the best of friends. They all live in the same neighborhood and have gone through all stages of life having each others backs. They know each others secrets and skeletons. They have pet names for each other and watching them, I felt like I was watching family interact with each other, even though they aren't related.

I was nervous arriving to their house...invading their little group but within such a short of time, I felt like I had known them forever. We sat and talked and listened to music and drank and danced and I truly had the best time. I guess maybe because I don't often mingle outside my circle of friends, perhaps my perception of people is jaded, but these people showed me something different...and that was refreshing. We didn't talk about jobs or how much money people made or fancy houses, though a certain young man did talk about fancy cars..8) There was no weighing and measuring of who is better, stronger, funnier, hotter, or smarter(well there kind of was and the majority ruled that I was indeed the smartest due to the fact that I can sing the 50 states in alphabetical order)...when I left their house in the wee hours of the morning I sighed...I was kind of sad to see the evening end.

All this to say....everyone needs people like that in their lives...people who make you feel like you have always been there, people who hug you goodbye at the end of the night even though you have only known them for a few hours, and people who make you wish that you had known them your whole life. People who don't care where you come from, what you have or where you've been and people who don't make you feel crazy because you have slight addictive personality disorder. Those kind of people are my kind of people.

I know this was kind of a bit of a ramble but I just had to share....if you know people like that in your life count yourself lucky, and if you aren't one of those people, then try to be...they truly are the best kind of people to have in your life.

I'm off to pull this place together...clearly the cleaning fairy did not get the memo that I was going to be out all weekend....bleh.

PS Good luck on your road test Robbie.