Thursday, August 30, 2012

I know life isn't a fairytale buuuuuuut......

Quicky Disclaimer:
This looks super long but it isn't quite this tortureous on the site. Once upon a time there was a fairy princess named.....hmmmmm......Frannie.....and a nasty assed dragon I'm totally kidding....kind of....In all seriousness Jason and I have moved beyond the anger and disappointment and settled into separate lives and are both moving on....and I am happily dating. However....ahem....not sure if all a ya'll know this but the dating world...though sometimes also crazy and so very different than when you are sixteen. I love getting to meet new people and have honestly met some genuinely nice guys....however I have also learned a lot along the way too. Okay so I'm on a dating site....the name of which will come to light during this post. I'm not thrilled with being on a dating site...I feel like it creates the ability for people to be sketchy and keep their options open while messing with your head(that isn't me being bitter, just being honest) I'm even going to go so far as to allow you guys to see what my profile brave is that?? Honestly though, it is probably one of the best profiles out there and any of my people who really know me...would for sure say that it sounds like ME on paper....K here it it....tell me what ya think!
Me in a Nutshell:

Sometimes I'm hard to handle, I'll spout a little too much sass,
But if you do it gently, I'll let you kick my ass.
Some nights I don't make dinner and I forget to make the bed,
But I'll let you win at Scrabble and remember things you said.
Sometimes I'll hurt your feelings, but I'll always make it right.
If you're feeling sore or grouchy, I'll rub your back at night.
I like to go on picnics, and paint pictures in the sky,
I can't play pool or two step, but I promise that I'll try.
I dance like no one's watching, and sing like I'm a star,
But no worries, I'm not crazy, I'll never key your car.
Mostly I'm a girly girl, but I'll hang out with your boys,
And I promise that I won't make fun, of all your big boy toys.
Feel free to leave me sticky notes, with all the cute things that you say,
And since I am a giver, it will all come back your way.
I like to kiss in public, and hold hands out on a walk.
I don't need to always win, and I'll always let you talk.
On the talking thing, I'm sometimes very chatty,
And though I have a lot to say, I try not to be too catty.
I know I'll make you laugh, and I'm a really good best friend.
I might not let it go your way, but I'll always try to bend.
I'll trust you if you’re trustworthy, and I hope you love your mama.
I hope you find no satisfaction, in other people's drama.
Be humble, kind and honest, with friends that span the years.
Be confident and not arrogant, and play well with all your peers.
There's so much more about me, that I guess I'll save to say,
But if it sounds like I might just be her, then send a message down my way.
If this doesn't sound like your right fit, don't give up on wishing,
She's out there somewhere waiting, and remember.....Happy Fishing!
Those are just the highlights of who I am and what I'm looking for. I have three great kids and their dad and I don't want to stab each other(anymore). I'm not skinny or even average so if that isn't your thing then we probably aren't a good match. It's not about the package, it's about the contents...obviously there needs to be some sort of chemistry but that can come in the form of anyone. I'm not interested in FWB, intimate encounters, or threesomes(not that there is anything wrong with it if that is what you are looking for) It just isn't where I'm at. If you are young enough to be buddies with my 19 year old son then we also wouldn't be a good fun as that could be. I could write in this box for days but the rest is stuff that can be developed during conversation.
If you want to be extra extra creative then send a poetic reply my way because that is super cute...8)
ps. I don't want to sound rude but talking to someone without a picture is kind of creepy to either send me one privately or have one in your's nice to put a face to the words....I don't care about a full body shot...but a face shot would be nice...8) Thanks.
pss. When you do send me pics...half naked ones, when I don't even know your name aren't a turn on...send me ones with you doing the dishes or mowing the lawn or opening a door for an old that is hot!
I'm looking for a sweet, special relationship. I'm looking for someone who is ready to make a place for me in their life. If you don't know what you want, or you still want to be out and about living the single life while having me on the side.....please don't message me. I'm looking for the guy who thinks that being with just one person is enough....if that isn't you then please just pass me by.
First Date
Hmmmm..... coffee? A walk? Helping old ladies cross the street? Spin the bottle? Pick up litter? Draw with side walk chalk? Let you paint my nails? Let me paint yours? Make matching tye dye T-shirts? Get matching tattoos? Take over the world? Run away to the Rain Forest? Seriously...I'm up for anything but we should probably chat first and just take it from there.
Okay so that is my profile from start to I suddenly feel really vulnerable right now knowing you guys are going to read this. Anyways....I've been able to take a little from all of the time I've spent with different people....and more importantly I've been able keep myself coming back to what I really need in the relationship that is going to last....and that it's okay for me to choose to be alone....than to settle in with a person who doesn't want the same things as me. That doesn't mean there hasn't also been extreme bummers in saying goodbye to a couple of people but at the end of the day....I think that the people that love me should want for me what I want....and sadly I kind of want something that resembles a fairytale. Not in the fancy castle and horse and carriage kind of way....but in all the little ways...the tiny moments that happen between two people on a daily basis that make you question what you did so right to find yourself in this moment with this person....yeah...I want that...and nothing less is enough for me....sooooo.....when I'm in a happy for me......and if I end's totally okay....nobody dies and life is still good...:)