Monday, May 6, 2013

For Kelly...

~If I could I’d take all your tears, and carry all your sorrow,

I’d take the little broken bits, and hold them till tomorrow.

I'd take your place in the valley, shelter you from the rain,

Sprinkle sunshine all around you, and live with all the pain.

Sadly friend, I can’t take it all, but still I’ll stand by you,

And while the darkness closes in, the light always filters through.

So take my hand, we’ll walk a while, surrender and rearrange,

Find some way to work with life and the things that we can’t change.

Someday the pain will soften; I don’t think it ever goes away,

You just keep moving forward, and remember yesterday.

You’re thankful for every minute that he was here to stay,

And maybe for a moment, he doesn’t feel so far away.

And then it seems you smile, when your mind’s eye sees his face.

And you linger there in that memory that time cannot erase.

Thinking of you and your sweet you muchly girly