Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Best Parts of Today....

We woke up this morning to the snow falling and accumulating quite nicely on the back deck...I groaned as I walked to the coffee pot....pffft...too soon for this. But then Logan came up from his room and Mara came down and they both decided collectively that the best lessons for homeschooling today could be learned on the toboggan hill. Logan went into some rambling about getting the best aerodynamics on the hill by doing such and such...good Lord...the kid is waaaaay smarter than me. I smiled a little on the inside as they got bundled from head to toe to head outside. In their eyes they were thrilled that between yesterday and today enough snow had collected to create the perfect outdoor experience...and in that two minutes of watching them run around feverishly gathering their gear...I wished that same attitude in myself. It's just snow....I'm certain in the coming months I'll whine about it more often than not but for this day, I'll be excited for them. I'll make turkey soup and biscuits for lunch from the leftover Thanksgiving dinner. After we'll have hot chocolate and pumpkin pie and maybe play a board game. Tonight I'll look back on the day and realize that we didn't learn with books today but I'll be okay with that because I will know that someday years from now after the time has passed much too quickly....I know they will remember days like today.

Going back to homeschooling after them being in public for just a month and a half wasn't an easy choice. We debated and talked into the night about it. Ultimately as more days passed the choice became easier and easier. My daughter is fragile in so many ways and I watched her slowly breaking and couldn't do it anymore. So we brought them back home....back to me...not because I wanted to give them the easy way out but because I wanted to know that I was and am doing all I can to do right by them and their school just wasn't the right fit. I have no idea if we'll do it this year and then move on to private or if I'll do it until the end. For right now that doesn't matter. Dolly's stomach aches and chronic diarrhea have subsided. The anxiety at bedtime is getting better and the sores on her mouth have cleared for now...I made the right choice...and I am blessed that I get to make that choice. My hubby supports me and encourages me and when I was struggling and didn't know what we should do it was he who said..."You're the one who always says that the days disappear quicker and quicker and before we know they will have their own lives, so soak it all in now while you can."

That's what we're going to do, soak it in.....we'll do book stuff and writing and math and all the 'school' stuff....but we'll also play board games and watch movies in the middle of the day and make chocolate mug cakes and go sledding and walk to high street for coffee in the afternoon, and lay on the couch reading on blustery winter days....we'll do 'life' stuff.

I'm sure come April I'll be dreaming of summer and the end of another school year but for now it's easy to fluff it all up in my mind....I guess because I know that all too soon....I'm gonna miss this.

Happy Wednesday all!

Disclaimer: Although it may appear as though Logan was about to use his toboggan as a weapon...that was not the case...they love each other....they really do!